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15 Difficult Things About Travel

While on a trip, everyone wants it to be perfect, but rarely these trips run so smoothly. And we all have encountered some problem on our trip and needless to say; they can ruin a pleasure or business trip within a matter of seconds. Here’s a list of 15 common travel problems and how you can avoid them.

1. Lost Luggage: Label your bag correctly and make it recognizable. In the case of a lost luggage be patient and go to airline’s counter to file a complaint. Don’t panic the longer your bags is lost more compensation carriers will provide.

2. Damaged Luggage: To avoid damage to luggage check them before leaving and ensure that they will make the flight if not find a new one that is more durable and are much lighter.

3. Losing your wallet: contact the local police as soon as possible and file a complaint, get the copy of your complaint. Report the lost card to respective banks. Do not keep all the cash in one place rather keep them at different locations.

4. Improper documentation: Customs officials will often stop you from boarding your flight if the expiration date of your passport is too close to the trip return. Always check your paperwork well in advance of your journey.

5. You lose your passport: Report to the local authorities about the incident and get in touch with your country’s embassy. Always keep a copy of your passport with you or a soft copy of an email, this may save you from hassle.

6. Missing flight connections: Book your flight on one ticket and that too with plenty of time between two flights so that even if the first flight gets late, you may not miss the second one. Also, some airlines may refund for another flight which you have to book.

7. Getting food poisoning: Avoid waters from bottles where the seal is broken; also do not eat reheated food and items that have been standing around for a long time.

8. Jet lags: Prepare ahead by changing your sleeping and eating patterns, try taking a walk or shower, also going in the sun can help.

9. Getting sunburns: Avoid the sun between 11:00 am and 03:00 pm, use the right sunscreen, wear a hat and stay hydrated.

10. The hotel is below standard: Immediately talk to managers they can provide better rooms or upgrade. Take photos and videos for proof and later claim the refund if a travel company booked it.

11. Overcharged for baggage fees: Always review the baggage regulations and cost structure and if possible keep a copy of that as you may bump into a confused agent who may be unaware of correct charges.

12. Severe weather: As we don’t have control over Mother Nature so before scheduling any trips you must find about the local expected weather conditions of your destination and plan properly.

13. Billed for damages to a rental car: Notice your ride carefully, before and after you drive it. If possible take pictures of any previous dents and damages and get it validated from local manager.

14. Missing the flight: Always leave early from home to airport/railway station. As no one knows the state of current traffic and how much time it would take to reach your destination, so start ahead.

15. Your Luggage gets too dark while returning: little bit shopping makes your luggage a bit heavier and would cost you. Look for the courier services that would deliver it to you home.

These were some of the biggest problems faced by people during travel; now you may avoid them by our useful tips.

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