Camping outdoors is a great family vacation alternative

Camping outdoors

When your budget is limited but you want a nice family getaway that involves fun in the sun, sandy beaches and frolicking in large bodies of water, camping outdoors is the perfect alternative to an expensive vacation. Hundreds of countries around the world have national parks available for the camping enthusiast at a minimal cost per site and each one will have unique features to enhance the outdoor experience.

The activities available while camping outdoors can range from an impromptu game of frisbee on the beach to a relaxing canoe ride or a hike on a scenic trail. Make sure to research the area you are camping in and pack according to that parks’ distinct weather patterns and wildlife. You might be having a blast during the day splashing around in the water and baking in the sun, but earlier that sun goes down, the temperature could take a mean dip, so pack extra blankets and sleeping bags.

Food containers with strong lids that can be neatly tucked under a picnic table or packed back in your vehicle when you aren’t at the site will keep hungry animals away during the day and at night. Several times of the year will bring different insects,

so arm yourself with bug spray and lightweight clothing that will cover your body and protect you from bites. With the proper planning and organization, a camping trip outdoors in the sun and fresh air can be just as invigorating as any destination trip at a fraction of the cost.

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